Four Retailers that Offer Virtual Try-On (VTO) for Engagement Rings (2024)

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Kenzie Wilson


April 26, 2023

Four Retailers that Offer Virtual Try-On (VTO) for Engagement Rings (1)

An engagement ring is one of the most important purchases of a couple’s life. Not only is it a big commitment financially, but it also represents their future life together. Many couples will go to a jeweler to try on various types of rings; however, some couples don’t live close to a jeweler or don’t have the time.

Virtual engagement ring try-on has changed the game. Couples are now able to try on endless engagement ring styles from the comfort of their own home. For jewelry retailers, adding this capability to big-ticket items, like diamond engagement and wedding rings, also increases revenue without the cost of additional advertising spend. Below is a list of four retailers that are offering virtual try on of engagement rings.

  1. VRAI

VRAI uses sustainably-created diamonds to craft beautifully unique jewelry. Keeping sustainability at the forefront, VRAI is always looking for ways to lower their carbon footprint including reducing returns. Thus, VRAI started offering virtual try on for their jewelry products including engagement rings.

Shoppers are able to virtually try on an assortment of engagement rings until they find the perfect one for them. Couples can purchase knowing exactly how the ring will look on their own hand.

Four Retailers that Offer Virtual Try-On (VTO) for Engagement Rings (2)

2. Jared

A member of the world’s largest jewelry retailer, Signet, Jared operates more than 200 stores in the US. The brand believes in spectacular expressions of love and specializes in engagement and wedding rings. Jared wants their online store to mimic the experience that customers have in-store, which includes allowing shoppers to try before they buy.

By equipping their catalog with VTO, Jared gives online shoppers the confidence to purchase the most important piece of jewelry in a couple's life.

Four Retailers that Offer Virtual Try-On (VTO) for Engagement Rings (3)

3.. H. Samuel

Established in 1862, H. Samuel wants their customers to be able to shop their preferred way. Whether that is in stores or online, customers feel confident in their purchases.

As another member of Signet, H. Samuel implemented VTO to provide that confidence to their customers.

Four Retailers that Offer Virtual Try-On (VTO) for Engagement Rings (4)

4. Goldsmiths

Based in the UK, Goldsmiths has been providing quality jewelry for more than 230 years. Trusted by many for their exceptional quality, many couples come to Goldsmiths in hopes of finding the ring of their dreams.

With VTO, this is easier than ever. Couples can try on endless amounts of rings from the comfort of their own home before ever entering a jewelry store.

Four Retailers that Offer Virtual Try-On (VTO) for Engagement Rings (5)

An engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewelry, it is a commitment to spend the rest of your life with the one you love. Help your online shoppers find the ring of their dreams by allowing them to virtually try on the engagement rings in your catalog.

Increase your online revenue without spending additional advertising budget by equipping your e-commerce website with VTO. To learn more about VTO for engagement rings, schedule a demo today.

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Ready to go beyond traditional online retail with Tangiblee?

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Unfortunately, none of this erases the fact that maintaining a manual catalog of images is tedious at best and untenable at worst. Very few brands have the budget and manpower to keep their product photos fresh and dynamic—which is where we come in.

Our Product Visualization Solution

Say goodbye to photoshoots forever: by leveraging AI, our platform is able to take static, 2D product assets and transform them into dynamic images—all while maintaining alignment with your brand aesthetic.

With a single click, you can generate everything from on-model photography to high-end lifestyle images. That's thousands of dollars of potential savings per product listing—and there's no need to worry about scale, either. We've built our platform to support whatever growth our clients might experience: at the moment, we’re equipping retailers with a capacity of up to 5,000 SKUs per day.

Our clients span multiple industries—we’ve worked with Bario Neal for jewelry, Citizen for watches, and Hipvan for furniture. (You can see a full list of case studies in our Case Study Collection.)

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But that brings us to the good news—there's no need to do product imagery work manually anymore.

Find out how you can automate your product visualization needs with us.

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Four Retailers that Offer Virtual Try-On (VTO) for Engagement Rings (2024)


Is it normal to try on engagement rings? ›

Trying on diamond engagement rings with your partner before making a purchase is of utmost importance as it allows you to find the correct ring size. Every finger is unique, and assuring a perfect fit is essential for comfort and wearability.

What is Blue Nile diamonds? ›

Blue Nile was founded in 1999 with the idea that the diamond and engagement ring business was ready for innovation. We revolutionized the industry with a disruptive online business model, making it possible to shop for extraordinary, high-quality diamonds at a great value.

What is the golden rule for engagement rings? ›

Traditional belief (especially in western countries) is that a groom-to-be must spend his 1-3 months' salary on engagement ring.

Should you try on engagement rings before getting engaged? ›

First reason: we want you to find “the one”. The shape, size, and color of your hand can affect how a piece translates and, more often than not, looks different on your hand than in a perfectly polished photo. Here are 4 major reasons you should try on engagement rings before making a final decision.

How many carats should engagement ring be? ›

The average diamond carat weight for an engagement ring in the United States is about one carat—but that's looking at just one country. In actuality, the average diamond size for an engagement ring "changes dramatically based on location and demographics," shares Jay.

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Which Diamond Color Is The Most Expensive? Despite the popularity of white diamonds, red diamonds take the prize for the most expensive diamond color. This is primarily due to their rarity. Red diamonds also differ in the source of their color from other colored diamonds.

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Red diamonds are the most expensive colored diamonds. Currently, only about 20 to 30 exist in the world. These diamonds derive their red shade during the mining formation. The process is uncommon, explaining why red diamonds are rare and extremely small in size.

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Engagements, like any other significant life event, are fraught with superstitions. One of them is the belief that attempting to put on another person's engagement ring or allowing someone else to slip your ring on her finger will bring bad luck.

Do couples try on engagement rings together? ›

Definitely! In fact, the majority of couples are now going engagement ring shopping together.

When should you try on rings? ›

Try On Wedding Bands At Home

You can enjoy our kits for five days before making a decision. We recommend ordering your home try-on around 6 months out from your wedding date. Whether you visit us in-store or try on our rings at home, supporting your stress-free and confident ring decision is our sole focus at Hitched!

Am I ungrateful if I don't like my engagement ring? ›

"An engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry, it's a daily reminder of your style and shared future. It's okay to want that symbol to resonate with you and this does not make you an ungrateful person."


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