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A minimalist wedding is all about less is more, and that goes to everything: to the wedding attire, to decor and to floral arrangements, if any. What can a minimalist wedding bouquet look like? Here are three types of bouquets that are perfect for a minimalist bride.

Minimalist Greenery Wedding Bouquets

If you are going for a non-floral wedding or don’t feel like having blooms in your arrangement, a greenery wedding bouquet is your choice. To make it more eye-catchy and interesting, you can go for much texture, for example, use fern and eucalyptus, add pinecones or thistles, go for some berries.

a fabulous wedding bouquet of eucalyptus and blue thistles is a stylish idea for a non-floral minimalist wedding

a fern and eucalyptus wedding bouquet is a lovely and textural idea that will match a minimalist bridal look easily

an all-fern wedding bouquet is ideal for a non-floral wedding, it has no blooms but plenty of texture and a cool shape

a pretty and simple greenery wedding bouquet with a cute ribbon bow looks very cool and very fresh

a simple and stylish eucalyptus wedding bouquet is a great idea for a modern or minimalist bride and it will refresh the look

a lush eucalyptus and fern wedding bouquet features cool texture and will catchy an eye, though there are no blooms at all

a dried grass wedding bouquet is a great idea for a minimalist bride, for a non-floral wedding, and dried bouquets are super trendy

Minimalist Single Stem Wedding Bouquets

A single stem wedding bouquet is a perfect solution for a minimalist and many other brides, and for an obvious reason – it’s just a single bloom that won’t break the bank. Choose a large flower and long stem that makes a statement – a rose, a peony, a magnolia, a king protea, and it’s better if it contrasts the color of your dress.

a large magnolia with leaves is a nice idea for a single stem wedding bouquet, whatever the bridal style is

a single pink rose with a long stem is great idea for any bride but especially for a minimalist one, and it will save the budget

a single pink peony looks cute and girlish, ideal for the brides who want to look even more feminine

a single stem wedding bouquet of a pink king protea is a lovely idea for a modern or minimalist bride, it's an easy solution

a single stem white orchid is a gorgeous refined choice for a wedding bouquet, it's a timeless solution for any bride

Minimalist Wedding Bouquets

If you don’t like any of the upper two categories, it’s time to compose your own perfect minimal wedding bouquet. Try a bouquet of one type of blooms, for example, white roses or white orchids only, or go for two different types but united with the same color. Mono flower wedding bouquets are actually perfect for a minimalist bride, especially if you go for a long stem one, that’s a hot trend. want a slight touch of color? Add the same blooms in pastel tones to the arrangement or get some foliage. Get inspired!

a baby's breath ball-shaped wedding bouquet is a fresh take on traditional and it perfectly matches a minimalist bridal look

a chic and elegant white rose long stem wedding bouquet will never go out of style and will make your look very refined

a chic one flower wedding bouquet in white, with neutral ribbons is a lovely idea for a minimalist and refined wedding

a delicate and heavenly beautiful delphinium wedding bouquet with neutral ribbons is an outstanding solution for a spring bride

a dreamy and chic blush rose wedding bouquet with a catchy shape is a lovely idea for a modern or minimalist bride

a dreamy wedding bouquet composed of only baby's breath and white ribbons is a very chic and very romantic idea

a gorgeous and classic white rose long stem wedding bouquet with green foliage is a stylish and cool solution for a modern or minimalist bride

a lush and cascading white orchid wedding bouquet looks jaw-dropping with a minimalist wedding dress and lovely baroque pearl earrings

a lush white wedding bouquet with callas, orchids and some dried foliage, with a catchy shape and a cascading element is idea for a minimalist bride

a minimalist white wedding bouquet of baby's breath and orchids is a pretty and cool idea for a minimalist bride and it looks catchy

white and dusty pink roses and anemones for a lovely and delicate minimalist wedding bouquet with a slight touch of color

an elegant white wedding bouquet of cascading orchids, peonies, berries and foliage is a gorgeou sidea for a minimalist bride

a white peony wedding bouquet is timeless classics that matches any bridal look and brings a touch of romance to it

a white and blush rose wedding bouquet is a one flower combo that looks more eye-catchy as it includes two different shades

a white and blush peony wedding bouquet is a beautiful and cool solution to add a slight touch of color to a minimalist bridal look

a textural and chic minimalist wedding bouquet of white orchids, hydrangeas and various foliage is a lovely idea to go for

a sophisticated white rose and orchid wedding bouquet is a gorgeous idea for a modern or minimalist bride

a romantic coastal bridal look with a strapless embellished wedding dress and a white and blue long stemmed wedding bouquet

a pretty and bold white calla wedding bouquet is what a refined minimalist bride needs, and it's great for many seasons and locations

31 Fabulous Minimalist Wedding Bouquets - Weddingomania (2024)


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